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Aspiring Futures aims to support women and girls to ‘aspire for better’ by improving their health and wellbeing, creating life-changing opportunities and increasing economic and career prospects while enabling them to connect with and support others.

Based in Wolverhampton and incorporated in May 2010, we are a women led charitable Community Interest Company. Our services are accessed by women of Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.  

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Recollections of the founding members; Adiba, Saima, Yasmeen, Shirin and Sofia. 

We started as an informal group in 2009, and used to meet up on a regular basis, conducting deep conversations and eventually we became a constituted group in 2010. It has been a thought-provoking and motivational journey so far.

From our own experiences being women of Wolverhampton we felt that there was a need to talk and highlight some of the issues such as financial dependency, unhealthy relationships, acute depression and anxiety, lack of skills and long history of unemployment, for women to face the reality and not hide behind a false hope that things would get better one day and someone else was taking care of it. We used to talk about our dreams of life and the issues holding us back from achieving our full potential. We thought that rather than just talking about them, we should take action now to help ourselves and others to create more aspiring futures.

Once these ‘Aspirations’ were realised that we could think and feel not only for each other but to also have that ability to make a difference.

The aim of ‘Aspiring Futures’ is to support and empower women; to develop their personal resilience; to participate fully in community life; to improve their overall health and wellbeing; to enable them to become economically active and live independent happy and healthy lives.

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Our Purpose


Women have the confidence, skills and support to follow their aspirations


To engage and support women from diverse communities through the development and delivery of bespoke quality and holistic services in a safe and supportive environment


  • Openness
  • Accountability
  • Valuing and respecting cultural diversity, equal opportunities and social inclusion
  • Valuing the human potential of all the people we work with
  • Achieving the highest possible standards in all organisational aspects

Learn more about opportunities to work with us as a board member, volunteering and work placements, Aspire Membership and joining our Service User Group.

Meet the team

We are based in the local community, have faced some of the issues that women are facing and have also used Aspiring Futures services; thus we are in a better place now to guide and motivate other women.